Matt Daly

Matt Daly grew up in Macomb Township and graduated from Central Michigan University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Applied Arts in Broadcasting and minors in Political Science and Psychology. He dabbled in the world of youtube for a while and now really has no idea what he’s doing with his life. His therapist says this is ok though. You can catch him binge watching 30 Rock or eating hard-boiled eggs that come pre-cooked in plastic bags because whenever he makes them himself they never quite turn out right.

Mike Bobbitt

Detroit native, Mike Bobbitt brings a punk rock edge to his nerd comedy by embracing his obsessions and taking the piss out of them at the same time.  With the charm and candor of a smart-aleck kid who’s ‘just too smart for his own good’, Mike’s been making audiences laugh for years.  He brings the audience on a humorous journey through the fumbles and foibles of his everyday life.  Mike speaks to a very specific group while maintaining accessibility to the masses.

He has been part of many comedy festivals including the Detroit International Comedy Festival, Calgary Funnyfest, Las Vegas World Series of Comedy and multiple appearances at Gilda’s Laugh Fest.  His three comedy albums “Mikey Pooh”, “Full Frontal Nerdity” and “nowadays.” can be heard regularly on XM/Sirius satellite radio.  He was also on the hugely popular WTF Podcast with Marc Maron.

Mike has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many of the nation’s best comedians and feels lucky that he can count the times he’s had to work with the nation’s worst comedians on one hand.

Mike Bobbitt lives in Los Angeles with his two cats and thousands of action figures.  He has written for Funny or Die, and has acted on ABC Family’s “Freak Out”, more crime reenactment television shows than you can shake a stick at, and a couple independent movies due out in 2015.  He also looks great in blue.

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Joe Giuliani

Joe grew up on the east side of Detroit and began writing at an early age, though most of it was completely libelous. He has long had a secret desire to perform stand-up comedy, but as every girl he’s ever dated has emphatically stressed, he is not funny. Joe has written fiction, journalism, and horoscopes.

Brian Titus

Brian Titus has over 13 years of improv and sketch comedy experience, performing with the Metro Detroit troupe ‘Project 2 Improv.’ He recently decided to start training again at Go Comedy in Ferndale to continue his craft and learn long form. He loves collecting movies and tabletop gaming. If he could eat dinner with any three dead celebrities it would be Chris Farley, John Candy, and John Belushi.

Aaron Mondry

Aaron Mondry is a freelance writer and journalist based in Detroit who’s written stories on culture, urban planning, the environment, and more. He’s also an improv enthusiast who occasionally performs himself.

Mike Ramey

Mike has been writing and performing comedy since 2007. After two years of painfully botched attempts at stand-up, Mike quickly realized his true passion was in the art of comedy writing, not performing it on stage…alone…with all those expectations…people watching you with their arms crossed, then getting up in the middle of your set while loudly shouting “well this sucks” as they answer their cell phone and slam the door behind them…but I digress, err, I mean “he” digresses. Anyhoo, after moving to Chicago, Mike honed his humor writing craft with Second City and eventually moved back to Detroit where he discovered another passion, performing improv. He can be found performing said improv at local Detroit establishments like Go Comedy and the Planet Ant. Mike currently resides with his cat in Royal Oak. The end.

Annelyse Miller

Annelyse Miller was born and raised in Northwest Detroit.  She is a playwright, writer, novice improviser, teacher, and SAHM.  She now resides in suburban Detroit with her husband and three young children all of whom, she readily admits, are much funnier than she is. If you’d like to hear more from Annelyse, check out her blog at

Moni Jones

Moni Jones graduated Cum Laude from David Pressley School Of Cosmetology and has since used her “degree” to get her work as lead hair and makeup artist on the set of acclaimed motion pictures such as “Blood Angel” and the children’s stage version of “Charlotte’s Web”. She has a YouTube channel in which she proudly displays her sketch videos and various comedy endeavors and can be found by merely punching her name (correctly spelled, of course) into the YouTube search engine. She is happily married to fellow Detroit improviser Jason Valentini and together they have five children (all of whom are actually animals. They’re one of “those” couples).

John Bentley

John Bentley is a freelance video maker who retired from Detroit Media Partnership in 2012.

Matt Penridge

Matt is a proud graduate of the Go U Improv Academy. He is in the world-renowned troupe Reclassify Pluto. He is also Matt in the comedy duo Mitch and Matt, which he insists more than several people have heard of. He thinks a well-crafted fart joke is always apropos of something.

Patrick Caporuscio

Patrick Caporuscio was born and raised in the Motor City where he learned acting and improvisational skills at Macomb County Community College, The University of Detroit, The Second City and SAK Comedy Club in Orlando Fl.

He also had a co-starring role as Pete the Drunk, in the short film, “Take a Drink” with Tim Allen.
Also roles as Father Mark and Sal the photographer in “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” and “Flanagan’s Wake” as Flanagan, both produced by David and Joseph Nederlander.

He is a founding member of the Improv comedy troupe ” Void Where Prohibited”, which has performed thousands of interactive improvisational comedy shows and has appeared on Comedy Central, the FX-3 Comedy tour and the Such and Such Canadian comedy tour performing, “Whose Line Is It Anyway”‘ style short form improv shows.

TV and radio writing credits include the WB’s sketch comedy show “Switchplay TV”, CSB Bank, Direct Deposit, Take 5 News Magazine, Shelby TV, TV commercials and Void the Improv Radio show.

Pat also developed an interactive improv show for UAW Daimler Chrysler from 1998 -2003 that ran at the Auto Show in Detroit and toured with the show as host throughout the Midwest for several years.

He now works full-time, writing and producing TV commercials, voiceovers and attracting viewers for the Youtube channel, The Comedy Web.